Longtime Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars will release his long-awaited debut solo music this month.

Radio host Eddie Trunk announced that he will premiere Mars’ first solo music on his Trunk Nation show on Oct. 30. Mars will join him for an interview the following day.

Trunk’s announcement came shortly after Mars shared a teaser on his social media. The guitarist posted a five-second video on X that said “Counting down 13 days” with the simple caption “13.” (He followed it up on Thursday with a similar post that said “12.”) Mars shared the first video on Oct. 18, which means the countdown will end on Halloween.

Mick Mars’ Solo Album Details

Mars has been teasing a solo album for years. In 2016, he released samples of two songs featuring short-lived Motley Crue singer John Corabi, though Mars later said that the collaboration “went away.”

In 2019, Mars said he was in the early stages of recording his solo project but was still searching for a singer. He also name-dropped a surprising influence. “I would like to have a few different singers — different sounds, but musician singers. This is gonna sound crazy — like with the Beatles. The three guys sang all these harmonies, and you could have John [Lennon] sing on a song, or Ringo [Starr], or whoever. But that kind of a thing is kind of what I'm going for.”

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Mars’ solo debut finally seemed to be nearing completion in 2023. In June, Mars revealed that the album would be called Another Side of Mars and named a handful of tracks, including “Broken on the Inside,” “Alone,” “Lonely in Your Grave,” “Loyal to the Lie,” “Decay,” “Fear,” “Memories” and “Erased.”

He also slyly suggested that one song was about his Motley Crue bandmates. “This is a song I wrote called ‘Killing Breed,’” he said. “It’s about narcissists that keep you pinned down and make you feel crazy.”

Mick Mars’ Motley Crue Dispute

Mars has been embroiled in a lawsuit and public war of words against his Motley Crue bandmates for much of 2023. The guitarist, who retired from touring last year, claimed his bandmates are trying to fully remove him from the group and withhold future earnings that he is owed. Mars also accused his bandmates of faking their parts during the 2022 Stadium Tour while simultaneously criticizing his playing for years.

The band, in turn, called Mars’ lawsuit “unfortunate and completely off-base” and claimed he had been “manipulated by his manager and lawyer.” Motley Crue also vehemently denied accusations of onstage fakery, adding, “Motley Crue always performs its songs live but during the last tour Mick struggled to remember chords, played the wrong songs and made constant mistakes which led to his departure from the band. There are multiple declarations from the band's crew attesting to his decline.” Motley Crue recently completed a world tour with co-headliners Def Leppard, with John 5 handling guitar duties.

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