Mick Mars looked back on the poorly received 1997 album Generation Swine, admitting that it's the only Motley Crue album that he doesn’t like.

The guitarist joined Sirius XM host Eddie Trunk to discuss his upcoming solo album, while also reflecting upon on his four-decade tenure with the Crue. When the subject of Generation Swine came up, Mars was forthright.

“That era right there of Generation Swine was a bit difficult for me,” the guitarist admitted. “And it was difficult for me because the band was really trying to reinvent itself when it really didn’t.”

Mars further revealed that it was “really hard” for him to come up with guitar parts that fit what the album's producer, Scott Humphrey, was looking for.

“That sounds too much like a guitar,” Mars recalled Humphrey telling him. “And I’m going, ‘It is a guitar.’”

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Humphrey’s desire to push Motley Crue in an industrial, electronic direction left Mars in an uncomfortable position. He’d later reveal Generation Swine was the closest he ever came to quitting the band.

“That [album] was a little rough on me, but we got through it. Just like we’re supposed to do, as a band,” Mars surmised. “It was hard. A lot of stress.”

Later in the interview, Trunk asked Mars to name his favorite Motley Crue album. “All of them," the guitarist replied. "Except for Generation Swine.”

Why Isn’t Mick Mars in Motley Crue Anymore?

Mars, Motley Crue’s founding guitarist, announced that he was retiring from touring last October. Days later, the band announced that John 5 would be taking his place. Though the situation initially seemed cordial, Mars filed a lawsuit against Motley Crue in April 2023, alleging the band was ripping him off financially.

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Mars couldn’t comment on the situation during his conversation with Trunk, except to confirm that the litigation was still continuing. He did, however, praise his successor.

“I think John was a very good choice. I’ve known John for quite a while and I know that he’s always liked the band and liked my playing,” Mars explained. “I think he was a great choice.”

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