I am a fan of technology and admit that movie streaming is convenient. However, I do miss the excitement of new release days back when video rental stores flourished and Illinois apparently feels that way too as there are now 6 free video rental boxes around the Land of Lincoln.

There's a grass roots movement for nostalgic video rental called Free Blockbuster which obviously pays homage to the old Blockbuster Video stores of yesteryears. The concept goes like this. Someone places a Free Blockbuster box at a location and anyone can stop by and take a movie out of it to watch and then bring it back and donate a movie of their own if they are so inclined.

Here's the Free Blockbuster map in Illinois. There is one in the LaSalle, Illinois area, four in the Chicagoland area and another couple on the Illinois side of the river across from St. Louis.

Free Blockbuster
Free Blockbuster

This is a picture of the LaSalle, Illinois blockbuster on Instagram.

No, this retro video rental movement in Illinois will not bring back the fully-stocked stores of the 80' and 90's. But, it's a good-hearted attempt at using an honor system to pass down the love of that movie rental era. You can actually open your own Free Blockbuster location, by the way. The process is simple and they'll even publicize your box once it's ready for prime time.

I love those that aren't willing to let a fun era die.

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