When music is great, it stands the test of time with every generation, but do today’s kids love Queen? You’re damn right they do!

As one of the greatest bands to ever exist, Queen boast a discography filled with iconic cuts sung by the most powerful rock frontman in history. Despite Freddie Mercury’s death, Queen still sell out arenas with Adam Lambert on vocals and some of these kids might end up seeing them.

A surprising number of kids knew it was Queen from the first note of “Radio Ga Ga,” probably thanks to some fantastic parenting. “If you ask me, ‘Who is your favorite artist?’ I will always say Freddie Mercury,” one girl says. “He is, like, a god!” Another kid yawned his way through “Radio Ga Ga,” calling the song “boring.” Hey, you can’t please everyone.

As soon as “We Will Rock You” came on, the kids couldn’t help but slap and stomp their way through the track. A number of youngsters wisely pointed out that Queen are masters at writing different styles of songs, always changing up the mood to fit each track perfectly.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” was also familiar to most of the kids, who sung along and headbanged Wanye’s World style to the iconic cut. One kid even mourned the end of this React episode, wishing more Queen would be played. “I don’t think that there will be a better singer than Freddie Mercury,” another kid proclaimed. Another youth said there’s already a better singer than Mercury and “her name’s Beyonce.” Blasphemy?

Check out Kids React to Queen in the clip above.

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