Loras College announced the release of a new book by Robert F. Klein focused on the life of Iowa pioneer Julien Dubuque published by the Loras College Press.

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Julien Dubuque: Portrait of a Pioneer provides an in-depth look at the life of the first white settler in Iowa and how he lived in harmony with the Native American tribes who already called the Upper Mississippi region their home.
“I wrote this book because I wanted to know more about Julien Dubuque than I found in the previous biography that appeared 100 years ago,” Klein explained. “Julien Dubuque deserves more recognition than he has received until now. This is a step in that direction.”
Klein worked at the Loras College library for 40 years. He also co-founded the Loras College Center for Dubuque History and was a long-time board member of the Dubuque County Historical Society. His previous publications include Dubuque: Frontier River City, Letters of Mathias Loras, First Bishop of Dubuque and Dubuque During the California Gold Rush.
His latest book utilizes a variety of contemporary sources to shine light onto Dubuque’s personal life and activities.
“Dubuque left no journal, no diary, no family photo album, and few direct pieces of evidence. There is no secret cache of emails, or tweets to be found. Among the new resources used, and now printed in the book, is the inventory of personal items left in his estate after his death in March of 1810,” Klein said.
The new biography is currently available at Loras College Barnes & Noble Bookstore and River Lights Bookstore in Dubuque.
Julien Dubuque: Portrait of a Pioneer is a 191-page hardbound first edition that retails for $24.95.

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