I've always said the hardest working band in metal/rock is Sevendust, and may I be the first to admit that I am extremely biased. Here's why. Back in 2012, I was still in my, we'll call it, "heyday" of rock with Beyond the Silence. We had just written the very first tracks for our second album and we were going to be able to debut those tracks at an amazing festival style show in Marion, Iowa with none other than Sevendust, Black Oxygen, 3 Pill Morning, and A.O.D.

Credit: Beyond the Silence
Credit: Beyond the Silence A lot of these guys still play, like guitarist Jake Carpenter on the far right. You can catch him in 3rd Offense.

Needless to say, the guys in BTS were absolutely stoked, not only to be playing with this amazing band (of which we were most certainly big fans), but the guys in Sevendust were super friendly, down to earth, and even willing to share some pizza as we hung out by their tour bus. They really understood what "a brotherhood of rock" meant to smaller bands grinding, because that's what Sevendust does. They grind, playing constantly, and their fans love them for it.

Credit: Beyond the Silence
Credit: Beyond the Silence

I could wax nostalgic all day, but I digress. The reason these memories bubble back to the surface is simple really. I will yet again have a chance to catch one of THE best modern rock bands as they are now planning a tour stop in Dubuque.

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That's right, Sevendust, along with metal stalwarts Static-X and DOPE, are taking over the Five Flags Center in Dubuque on May 17th.

Metal enthusiasts are in for a treat as the iconic Machine Killer Tour, featuring Sevendust and Static-X, unveils a second leg set to kick off in February 2024. This reunion tour, over two decades in the making, harks back to 1999 when Sevendust, Static-X, and DOPE joined forces for a legendary tour that left its mark on the metal scene. Now, this metal menagerie is set to create new memories, building on the success of their initial run.

Static-X, known for their Evil Disco revival, is riding high on the success of their recent release, "Project Regeneration: Vol 1," and the acclaimed Rise Of The Machine tour. The original lineup, featuring Tony Campos, Koichi Fukuda, Ken Jay, and the dynamic Xer0 (taking the role of the deceased Wayne Static), promises to bring back the essence of their platinum-selling debut album, "Wisconsin Death Trip," with the upcoming "Project Regeneration: Vol 2."

Sevendust, with their chart-topping 14th studio album, "Truth Killer," and the success of the single "Everything," continues to captivate audiences. Their diverse musical offerings, ranging from the introspective "I Might Let The Devil Win" to classic hits like "Fence," demonstrate their enduring relevance since their 1997 self-titled debut.

The second leg of the Machine Killer Tour is a testament to the continuing legacy of both Sevendust and Static-X. Fans can expect a riveting experience as these metal legends take the stage together once again, bringing decades of expertise and a renewed energy to the forefront. The upcoming show in Dubuque on May 17 at the Five Flags Center promises to be a highlight, offering fans an opportunity to witness this metal magic firsthand. Tickets are already on sale, and metal lovers are urged to secure their spot for what is sure to be an unforgettable night of pure metal mayhem.

Static-X and SevenDust: Machine Killer Tour 

  • BUY NOW 
  • May 17, 2024 
  • 7:00 PM 
  • Cost: $35-$65

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