Motley Crue's Dr. Feelgood closing track "Time for Change" has been featured in a new commercial advertisement for sink faucets and shower heads by the Delta Faucet Company.

Dubbed 'Dish Dodgers,' the commercial presumes children take no enjoyment nor personal responsibility in household chores and hygiene, and that the limitations of traditional faucets have been the source of such widespread scorn and contempt.

As the Crue ballad plays beneath the visuals, a man walks into a room and takes note of two kids, one younger and one of apparent high school or college age, washing the dishes together, aided by a detachable sink head. He nudges another man and points in the direction of the kids as if saying, "Hey, would you look at that?! Progress at last!" Meanwhile, the commercial notes they've gone from "dish dodgers" to "helping hands."

Getting kids to brush their teeth before bed is another known struggle for parents around the world, no matter how much they may preach the importance of proper tooth and gum care. Again, the detachable faucet works its charm, revolutionizing menial tasks within the home, transforming the "toothpaste tyrant into a responsible rinser."

Even the family pet cat gets in on the action in the commercial, no longer averse to bath time as the detachable shower head and hose offer a more comfortable experience. Water rains down from a much shorter distance than looming far overhead in the more common experience and the cat, while not entirely amused, has the appearance of a significantly less feisty feline than most cat-owners will attest to when it comes time to this hygiene ritual.

Watch the Delta Faucet commercial featuring Motley Crue's "Time for Change" below.

Motley Crue Song Featured in Delta Faucet 'Dish Dodgers' Commercial

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