Zachry Industrial, a leading provider of engineering, construction, and maintenance services in North America, has filed a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) layoff notice in Muscatine, Iowa. The notice, submitted on February 13th, 2024, signals the impending layoff of 46 employees, scheduled to take place on March 13th, 2024, at their location on 2500 Wiggins Road.

This Texas-based company, known for its expertise in serving the energy, chemicals, power, manufacturing, and industrial sectors, emphasizes safety and client success. Despite their commitment to excellence, the decision to reduce their workforce underscores the currently challenging economic landscape. The Muscatine Facility builds scaffolding and other construction implements.

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The layoff notice complies with both the Iowa WARN Act and the Federal WARN Act, ensuring affected employees receive the mandated advance notice to prepare for potential job loss. Iowa Workforce Development stands ready to support dislocated workers through Iowa WORKS Centers, offering services such as Rapid Response Services and Trade Act Benefits at no cost.

Credit: Iowa Workforce Development Visualization: WARN Notifications Issued in Iowa
Credit: Iowa Workforce Development
Visualization: WARN Notifications Issued in Iowa

While difficult decisions like layoffs are never easy, adherence to the WARN Act safeguards the interests of workers, their families, and the community. It provides affected employees with essential time to explore new employment opportunities and access available resources for training and reemployment.

Credit: justocker
Credit: justocker

Employers are encouraged to engage with local Iowa WORKS Centers, facilitating a smoother transition for affected workers. Through collaborative efforts between employers, government agencies, and support services, the impact of workforce changes can be mitigated, fostering resilience and economic stability within communities.

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