Can we talk about the fact that every "thing", basically, that's come out in the last like 30 some years now has the potential to be "remade." Yes, the remake has become the "new" best thing out there. Every movie series has done it, from the MCU, DC, Comics, Sci-Fi and beyond; even TV shows are now taking up the mantel of continuing, or retelling, entire franchises (Lord of the Rings, Game of Thornes). You get the idea.

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This being said I have not been let down by many of the recent remakes I have played when it comes to video games. Here's why. New technology has allowed for past games to be, not only upgraded visually, but be fully reimagined. Games like the Resident Evil series has had amazing success re-treading old ground with RE2 and RE3. Even Sony has got in on it with updated versions of the Last Of Us series (must plays btw). And there are loads more to discover across all consoles (Nintendo Switch has done it with a lot of old classics recently, 007 anyone?)

I however am most excited with the latest in survival horror news as one of the best franchise and games continues with a remake; get ready for DEAD SPACE.

The trailer is gorgeous, and they are stepping into new territory with this game by adding large segments of speech to the titular character Isaac Clarke, who for lack of a better term was the silent hero in the very first instalment of Dead Space. New lighting mechanics, camera upgrades, and loads of new content help flush out the already spectacular story that was originally released in 2008. I'm excited to see what they do with Isaac's character now that he will be bringing part of the story to life himself (vocally).

Check out this video breakdown from the development team...

Buckle up for a familiar, but new, fight against the necromorphs; the Dead Space remake drops January 27th of 2023, but pre-order is available now.


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