That's pretty messed up; but don't worry the Oz-man himself has officially put up the full live performance. If you don't know what I'm talking about; well here's the deal, the NFL season is officially back and with it usually comes some great half-time performances. This would have been one of those performances, as Ozzy returned to the stage after some health issues earlier in the year; except NBC aired a whole 10 seconds of it. Yes you read that right 10. Seconds. For Ozzy Osbourne. And it wasn't JUST Ozzy either. The guitar wizard himself, Zakk Wylde, was shredding it like he never left Ozzy's side; along with Andrew Watt (Guitar), Tommy Clufetos (Drums), and Chris Chaney (Bass).

Credit: Ozzy Osbourne Youtube Channel Ozzy's On Stage Reveal
Credit: Ozzy Osbourne Youtube Channel                      Ozzy's On Stage Reveal

Here's What We Got For Half-Time Performance Air Time...

NBC would have been better served not even mentioning Ozzy to fans at home if that's all he gets, or if it was meant to be seen by only those in attendance. Here's the puzzling thing though, NBC didn't cut in to what could be Ozzy's most famous song, Crazy Train. Instead the sports casters recapped much of the first half over one of Ozzy's new songs; they then cut to Ozzy for a brief 10 seconds of his latest tune, Patient Number 9, before rolling into a commercial break. In addition, fans of Ozzy have blasted NBC, after fan videos began circling the inter-webs that while Ozzy sang his hit Crazy Train, the sportscasters discussed the Rams and Bills game.

Credit: Ozzy Osbourne Youtube Channel
Credit: Ozzy Osbourne Youtube Channel

I mean for classic rock fans, we finally get an awesome half-time show for the opening night of the NFL, and not only, do we get just 10 seconds of the show; it's of a new song no one knows well yet, and then you go and talk over Crazy Train. Mind blown. I mean it was his 2nd time on stage performing since major surgery in June. His first performance back was at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games in August, where he performed Paranoid, along with Toni Iommi of Black Sabbath.

Well do not fret my rock friends, the entire live set has been placed on YouTube by the rock legend himself. Check out the killer line-up below! Ozzy still crushing it at 73 years old; new rock and one of your favorites!

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