Mr. Big guitarist Paul Gilbert offers fans an advance sample of his upcoming 17th solo album, I Can Destroy, with the lead-off single "Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal." Ultimate Classic Rock presents the exclusive premiere of Gilbert's "Turn Signal" video, which you can watch above.

The clip, directed by Jonathan Pharr using illustrations from Will Krulee, arrives ahead of I Can Destroy, which is scheduled for a May 27 release and available for pre-order now.

"After 20 years of driving in Los Angeles, I was inspired to open my album with the song 'Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal,'" Gilbert tells UCR. "I plan to rock audiences around the world with the heavy groove and rippin' guitar solos. And it always puts a smile on my face to hear 'Goddamn' sung in beautiful three-part harmony. I actually think the song could save some lives. Or at least untangle some traffic jams. See you on the road!"

I Can Destroy follows a major spurt of activity for Gilbert, who released his Stone Pushing Uphill Man solo LP along with Mr. Big's ...The Stories We Could Tell in 2014. He worked with veteran rock producer Kevin Shirley on the new LP, and credits Shirley's uncompromising approach with jarring him out of a creative logjam.

"At the time I began thinking about the record, I was having a lot of self-doubt," Gilbert admitted in a press release. "I was wondering if the well was dry, and if I could write anymore. But the enthusiasm of Kevin Shirley and the musicians in their responses to the ideas I was bringing up and the song seeds I was sharing with them made the difference between having self-doubt and being confident. I couldn’t have done it without them. I have profound gratitude for that. They’re all great guys, and really fun to hang with."

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