7 hours in a car. That’s it. And it’s well worth it. The only way the Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore can be described is breath taking. Taking in the natural beauty our nation affords while hiking, has really become a mainstay in my family’s routine, and this year for our family vacation we decided to put in around 11 miles (9.7 of them on the actual trail, the rest spent exploring) on the Chapel Trail Mosquito Falls Loop. In addition, we took a small cruise along those very same bluffs, and were treated with an equally amazing view of the cliffs we were literally standing on the day before. We did visit other amazing locations on the trip which are worth exploring as well, like; Sand Point Beach, Sable Falls, Au Sable Lighthouse, Miners Falls and Beach, 12-Mile Beach, Log Slide and the Dunes. These spectacular locations are all along Lake Superior stretching from Munising, Michigan to a town called Grand Marais, and my family and I explored pretty much everything there is to see along the 42mile shore line. Join me as I take you on a trip through the Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore.

Photos: Michigan's Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore

See the beauty of Michigan's Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore

This was a fairly quick and inexpensive vacation and so worth it. You could even make it cheaper than my family did. If you wanted to rough it just a little bit more, you could do some camping. There are both modern and traditional sites available through the entire lake shore. These are just the main attractions as well. The area boasts more light houses and more falls if that's what you were looking for. And on the way up there are plenty of other great stops. One of the stops we made I will be showcasing tomorrow. It's called Kitch-iti-kipi and its worth a stop as well.

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Photos: Eden Valley Refuge

A trip through the trails and nature center at Eden Valley Refuge in Baldwin, IA

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