In a move made necessary by new construction coming to their current location, the Platteville Karate Club LLC has found a very suitable new location in Cuba City at 107 West Webster. The karate school, owned and operated by Jim Lubbe,  will now be called Full Circle Tang Soo Do, LLC.  Lubbe is excited about the move to Cuba City and plans to use the move as an opportunity to take his business to a new level.

Lubbe said:

The development of the person is central to our philosophy,” stated Lubbe. “Personal growth in all facets of the individual is very important to us.”

Lubbe has been involved in martial arts since his college days and has been serving as the head instructor at the Platteville Karate Club since 2007. Since purchasing the school in 2009, Lubbe has strived to sustain the vision of the school’s original owner while continuing to make significant improvements.


The school is geared toward all age groups and Lubbe sees value in a wide age range within the same class. “While our focus is on the individual, the interaction among the students fosters a lot of growth for each of them.” Since his retirement as a principal software engineer, Lubbe has had the time and opportunity to expand upon the curriculum for the school, adding in more staff study and Modern Arnis.

Classes are organized by rank (beginners and advanced) and, in some cases, also by age. Typically, two or more classes are offered per week for each group. The minimum age for participation is currently 7 years old. A full schedule of karate classes for the fall will be available later this summer. These classes will include Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate) and Bojutsu (staff wielding.)

The building housing the karate school was purchased by Lubbe and his wife, Liz Heimerl, to use as a movement studio.  The new facility offers 750 square feet of space, 12’ ceilings and mirrors to accommodate classes in a variety of movement arts and activities in addition to karate.  Future classes will include Tai Chi, Traditional Yoga, Zumba and Cardio Kickboxing.

Additional information for the karate school is available at

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