Half the fun of being on the radio is getting out to awesome local events and I had my fill of fun and puppies at Dubuque Theisen's Annual Dog-O-Ween.

Credit: adogslifephoto
Credit: adogslifephoto

These pups were primed and ready to strut their stuff down the catwalk... dog-walk? Either way, there were loads of frisky, fun puppers dressed in their absolute best and looking quite festive to boot!

bulldog wearing bumble bee costume on white background
Credit: WilleeCole

For those of you that didn't know Dog-O-Ween, took place on Sunday, October 22nd! Local citizens dressed up their furry four-legged friends for a howlin’ good time at the annual Dog-O-Ween Costume Contest. A $10 entry per dog benefitted an awesome organization in the Dubuque Humane Society. In addition, all entries received a goodie bags filled with savings and a $10 Theisen's coupon.

We were hanging out for all of registration from 1 to 3pm and the dogs just kept showing up. There was a dog from Cinderella dressed as the pumpkin coach, a dog dressed as Rambo, a pooch from Harry Potter, A lion-dog, and several hotdogs and taco-dogs.

As mentioned, the entry fee for this event went to a great local organization in the Dubuque Humane Society. They are committed to building bonds between people and animals through adoptions, community outreach, humane education, and cruelty prevention.

The Dubuque Regional Humane Society Kinsey's Campus Animal Resource Center provides the following services to the tri-state area:

  • Pet Adoption
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Care and services for abandoned, lost and unwanted animals
  • Humane Education
  • Community Outreach Programs
  • Shelter Tours
  • Summer Camps

Fun events like the Annual Theisen's Dog-O-Ween are a great way for the local community to get involved, have fun, and make a difference. Now, let's see those Halloween hounds!

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