A Philly Cheesesteak neck shop owner who was stabbed in the neck by an employee in an attack caught on camera, says he didn't even know the knife was still in him.

Steve Mullan was attacked by 43-year-old employee Sean Walklett in the kitchen of Leo's Steak Shop last Friday.

Walkett can be seen on video lunging at Mullan from behind and sticking a 10-inch-knife in his neck. The knife was still sticking out of his neck when Mullan started throwing punches at Walkett.

Mullan's son grabbed two knives and started going after Walkett.

Mullan said after the attack, his son said “Dad, you have a knife in your neck … Don’t pull it out.”

The knife had pierced through one side of his neck, and out the other.

“It was a vibration like I was being electrocuted … Like I touched a live wire,” Mullan said of the stabbing.

Walkett, who worked for Mullan for a year, is charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and a slew of other charges over the attack.

Police say they haven't determined an exact motive, but Mullan believes it was Walkett's mental health issues were the cause.

His bail has been set at $950,000.

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