The City of Dubuque is hosting a weekly update on the COVID-19 pandemic.


Weekly Updates Beginning June 21

Beginning this week, these COVID-19 updates from the Dubuque County Public Health Incident Management Team will be issued once weekly, on Mondays. The team will continue to monitor indicators/data on a daily basis and, if trends change or circumstances warrant, updates will be issued more frequently.

Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021

232 More Completed Vaccinations and 43 New Positive Individuals Since July 28


(July 21 to July 28)

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  • Vaccinations Completed: 51,241
    (232 more than July 28)
  • 52.7% of all Dubuque County residents are fully vaccinated
  • As of Friday, July 3064.9% of the County’s total population 12+ has either completed their vaccination series or is currently in the process.
  • Vaccinations Started (1st dose): 2,493
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Graph of Dubuque County Population Fully Vaccinated


  • 43 new positive individuals since July 28
  • Total positive individuals to date = 13,670
Graph of New COVID-19 Cases in Dubuque County


  • 112 active cases in Dubuque County (38 more than July 28)
Graph of Active COVID-19 Cases in Dubuque County

Positivity rate based on total positive tests, not individuals.

  • Past 14-day positivity average = 3.8%
  • Past 7-day positivity average = 3.5%
Graph of Positivity Rate


  • Dubuque County Residents Hospitalized = 1 as of July 28. (same as July 21)


  • No new deaths.
  • Total deaths related to COVID to date = 215
  • Underlying Cause Deaths = 195, Contributing Factor Deaths = 20

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