Did you know that a local Iowa band is a YouTube viral sensation? It's true. Not only do they have over 25 Million views to date on their videos, but their music has been streamed on Spotify and Apple Music more than 2 Million times, and they were recently featured in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Credit: The Pork Tornadoes
Credit: The Pork Tornadoes

Perhaps it's these accomplishments that led the band to winning 'Best Cover Band' by the Iowa Music Awards (2x), 'Best Live Band' by Little Village's Best of the CRANDIC and 'Best Band' by CBJ's Best of the Corridor awards. On top of that, they have raised over $100,000 for local charities over the last decade.

The band is called The Pork Tornadoes and if you have heard of them but haven't seen them live, now is your chance. The band is one of the most popular party bands in the Midwest because of their versatility, putting a unique spin on all of your favorite songs, spanning 5 decades and 4 different genres.

The Pork Tornadoes will blow you away with an electric mix of covers ranging from Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce, all the way to Lizzo, Morgan Wallen, NSYNC and Blink 182. Their debut EP peaked on the Apple iTunes Pop charts at #20 and has been streamed over 2 million times.

Credit: Kasey Hempstead / The Pork Tornadoes
Credit: Kasey Hempstead / The Pork Tornadoes

They recently achieved viral success with the 4th-most viewed cover of ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ on YouTube and an impromptu performance of ‘In The Air Tonight’ with a drum line that was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine.

I recently had the chance to chat with drummer extraordinaire Mike Schulte about their upcoming show and the Pork Tornadoes in general. Check it out! 

Performing music that people of all ages and musical backgrounds can enjoy, crowds of fun-loving music fans continue to attend every Pork Tornadoes concert that they can. With over 25 million views on their videos and more than 100,000 social media fans worldwide, you won't want to miss their show this Saturday (2/3/24) at the Five Flags Arena in Dubuque. Tickets available online and at the door!

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