According to local reports and the Telegraph Herald, Western Dubuque High School is on lockdown this afternoon, officials confirmed.

Superintendent Dan Butler confirmed to them that at around 12:30pm the school was locked down, but sources were told, "He was not in a position to share more details." He did say the lockdown had been communicated to parents and families of students in the school. Students were barricaded into their current rooms.

There was a large law enforcement presence outside the school at about 1pm and roads leading to the school were blocked off.

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A call for "guns in the school" was not made from within the school. Police responded accordingly. Confirmation from law enforcement is still forthcoming. Students were releasing at 3:10pm.

See the latest press release from the Western Dubuque Commutiy School District Below.

Western Dubuque High School recently faced a security incident when an anonymous call was received regarding a potential threat on the school premises. The investigation is suggesting the call originated from outside of the United States and is not an immediate threat to our campus. The school administration promptly took decisive action, collaborating closely with local law enforcement agencies and diligently adhering to safety protocols to ensure the safety of all students, faculty, and staff.

School personnel, law enforcement agencies, and the local community are commended for their swift and coordinated response to this situation. The safety and well-being of the students and staff are of utmost importance, and every measure was taken to ensure their protection.

While there is no immediate threat to Western Dubuque High School, school officials will continue to work closely with local law enforcement to investigate the origin of the anonymous threat, and appropriate actions will be taken to prevent such incidents in the future.

The school administration appreciates the patience and understanding of students, parents, and the community during this challenging time.

More details to come as they are released.

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