Red, White, & Fuel with Finnin Kia is officially giving away a hefty $1,500 check to our winning local charity and Fueling your vehicle! Gas cards went to:

Kerry Dickens, Mark Willy, and Shanna Brotzman. Congratulations on being the big fuel winners!

In addition, Finnin Kia is fueling our local charities! Congratulations to The Avery Foundation. They received a whopping 55% of all cast votes and will receive a  $1,500 check to further their work in Dubuque and throughout the Tri-States.

The Avery Foundation believes cancer patients and their families shouldn't have to "scrape by." Their organization helps cancer patients financially and alleviates stress by providing grants to pay for unexpected expenses. In 2021, they provided 202 grants totaling over $111,000 to patients and their families in the Tri-State area.

We want to thank our community for their votes; and continued success to the other amazing local non-profits that still need your support in both the Dream Center and Resources Unite!

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The Dream Center is a Community Outreach Center committed to mobilizing youth and families to build on Dr. King's Dream of transforming communities by embracing, empowering, and unifying those who live there. They strive to inspire vision and purpose through impacting youth, strengthening families, and building community. On the foundation of genuine relationships, mentors are strategically connected around an individualized plan to provide a child with the assets they need to be successful in school and in life.

Resources Unite's mission is to help strengthen communities by connecting people to volunteer opportunities and resources that lead to a happier and more engaged way of life.

Finnin Kia will present a check to the winning non-profit on Tuesday, August 9th during our remote broadcast at Finnin from 11am to 3pm.

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