Wisconsin's spring turkey hunting season offers hunters an opportunity to connect with nature while pursuing the majestic, and delicious, wild turkey. With the Department of Natural Resources actively promoting involvement from friends and family, this season promises not only thrilling hunts but also meaningful experiences in the great outdoors.

Strutting male wild turkey displaying in the spring mating season.
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According to the DNR, turkey hunting in Wisconsin is a testament to successful wildlife management. Once absent from the state, turkey populations have surged. The success is evident in allocating over 245,000 spring turkey harvest authorizations across seven time periods; plenty of opportunities for hunters.

Tom Drake
Tom Drake

This time of the year, turkey hunting isn't just about the thrill of the chase; it's about enjoying the emerging spring nature and a delicious, sometimes underutilized, food source. The DNR actively encourages seasoned hunters to share their passion by inviting friends and family members to join the hunt as hunting numbers continue to decrease around the United States. Introducing newcomers to hunting helps foster interest and instills a deeper appreciation for wildlife conservation efforts and gun safety.

Credit: Jupiterimages
Credit: Jupiterimages

In fact, safety is paramount in the hunting community, and Wisconsin provides ample resources for both novice and experienced hunters. Completing a hunter safety education class is required, just as it is in Iowa, with programs available throughout the early spring months. Additionally, the Learn to Hunt Turkey program offers comprehensive training, covering safety, scouting, and biology, culminating in a one-on-one mentored hunt.

Youth ages 11 and younger, first-time hunters and those who have not hunted in the preceding 10 years are eligible to purchase hunting licenses at a reduced fee. Resident hunters who recruit three first-time hunters, trappers or anglers are also eligible for reduced fees. For more information on license options, visit dnr. wi.gov and search “license.”


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Wisconsin's DNR offers a wealth of resources for turkey hunters, including detailed information on season dates, regulations, and required licenses. Hunters can explore the Turkey Hunting Access Program, ensuring access to prime hunting locations. Furthermore, the DNR facilitates the distribution of harvest authorizations through a drawing system, with bonus authorizations available for both spring and fall seasons. Special youth hunts allow youngsters to experience the thrill of turkey hunting, similarly, disabled hunters are accommodated through special hunts on private lands.

Credit: Canva How good does this look!?
Credit: Canva
How good does this look!?

2024 Spring Turkey Youth Hunt:

  • April 13–14

Spring Turkey Hunting 2024:

  • Period A: April 17–23
  • Period B: April 24–30
  • Period C: May 1–7
  • Period D: May 8–14
  • Period E: May 15–21
  • Period F: May 22–28

As Wisconsin prepares for another spring turkey hunt, enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature's beauty and challenge themselves in the pursuit of wild turkey (to be honest it's not too hard). So, gear up and embark on a memorable adventure in the Wisconsin wilderness this spring.

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