It's time for the 17th Annual Irish Hooley Music Festival in Dubuque! So what the heck is a hooley? A hooley is typically a festive day filled with dance, song, and high-spirited fun in traditional Irish fashion. 

The good time gets rolling at 11:30 am Saturday, August 27th, at the Dubuque Star Brewery and Aliant Amphitheater in the Port of Dubuque. Bring lawn chairs and blankets!

image Credit: DBQ Irish Hooley
image Credit: DBQ Irish Hooley

Jordan Larkin, Irish Hooley Marketing Coordinator, stopped by the Good Morning Rodeo to share with host Keith Breitbach about the 17th Annual Irish Hooley.


The Irish Hooley promotes Dubuque's longstanding Irish & Celtic music and culture. The highlight of Irish social life is the Hooley with music, dance, song, good conversation, and merriment.

The Hooley gets underway with Dubuque Fire Pipe and Drums.

Organized in August 2009, the Dubuque Fire Pipes & Drums are a band in the rich tradition of honoring the fallen, whether firefighters, law enforcement, or service members. 

At noon the Opening Ceremonies get the event underway with an Irish Blessing. 

12:15 pm, the Macnulty School of Irish Dance takes the Main Stage to showcase the Irish Dance art form.

Musician Ian Gould is a guitarist and singer from Belfast, Northern Ireland, who will share Irish wit and voice.


12:45 Ballyheigue, a fun six-piece Irish band from Dubuque playing traditional Irish music with great harmony vocals.

Photo Credit: Ballyheigue Band
Photo Credit: Ballyheigue Band


2:15 The Lads of Dubuque is a band of local talent that enjoys celebrating their Irish and American roots. Enjoy your favorite Irish pub melodies, ballads, and rebel songs.


4:00 Tallymoore is a contemporary Irish Folk band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their innovative arrangements of classic tunes make them a favorite on the festival circuit.


6:00 Derek Warfield and the Young Wolfe Tones are a lively and entertaining Irish Band from Dublin, Ireland. Enjoy their memorable stories and ballads.

8:30 pm Screaming Orphans will deliver a memorable performance of traditional, pop, and rock Irish classics. The band consists of four sisters with the good fortune of being raised in the magic of Bundoran in County Donegal, Ireland. 



  • Shamrock Imports
  • Prermier Bank
  • Family Beer & Liquor Store
  • Happy's Place


  • Stone Cliff
  • Freddie’s Popcorn
  • West Dubuque Tap
  • Rockin 5k bbq
  • Udder Brothers’ Creamery



Dubuque's Riverview Park Provides Spectacular Views & Affordable Camping

Life along the Mississippi River remains as Twain described it 139 years ago. While the river and the towns lining its bank may be tamer today than in Twain's time, there remains a calming allure to resting on the riverbank and watching it flow. 

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