According to a press release from the City of Dubuque, the Renew DBQ pilot program recently completed the first of ten planned solar projects that will provide solar technology to low-to-moderate income households in Dubuque.

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Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto      Installations similar to this one can make a huge impact on energy bills and savings

The Renew DBQ pilot program provides households, who generally need assistance, in overcoming the initial up-front cost of adding solar technology to their property, with access to solar tech through a renewable energy certificate program.

“This program provides access to cost-saving solar energy that adds to property values and reduces energy costs for households in our community that need it most. However, when clean energy sources are more accessible and widely adopted, we all benefit from the economic growth and strides made in reaching the City’s 50% by 2030 greenhouse gas reduction goals.”

-Gina Bell, City of Dubuque Sustainability Coordinator 

Joan Wehrspann is the homeowner of the program’s first installation. The project installed roof-mounted panels that should offset 51% of the annual electricity used by the residence. The instillation’s first year estimated savings are $1,048, with a 25-year projected savings of $39,550. Coupled with the monetary savings, the solar array will further offset 127.43 tons of carbon dioxide. The environmental impact is equivalent to reducing the consumption of 133,804 pounds of coal being burned. The carbon dioxide reduction will be equal to planting approximately 3,201 trees.

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Partners in the program include the City of Dubuque, Eagle Point Solar, Dubuque County Energy District, Van Meter Inc., and Crescent Electric.

“Partnering in this pilot program with our friends and neighbors was a simple decision and allows us an opportunity to give back to our community. It is our hope recipients of all 10 solar projects realize a significant savings each month in their electric bill and each system provides a monthly monetary cushion for decades to come.”

-Jim Pullen, President and CEO of Eagle Point Solar

Dubuque continues to be at the forefront of equitable clean energy access. The cities goal is that the Renew DBQ pilot program can make a lasting impact with qualifying residents for years to come. Any community members interested in learning more about renewable energy or how energy efficient improvements to their home or business can affect their bottom line. For more information on eligibility and to apply, visit or call 563-690-6038.

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