Resources Unite! strengthens the Dubuque community by creating connections. They aim to connect people to volunteer opportunities and resources that lead to a happier and more engaged way of life for our local community. And right now they need your vote to help continue that mission for our local youths and families. With Finnin Kia's Red, White, and Fuel; Resources Unite! has the chance to add $1,500 to their funding!

Resources Unite! started with a vision of connecting the community to resources, and to one another. Time and time again, they found that individuals didn’t know of certain helpful and convenient services offered in our community or how to get involved if they wanted to help. So, Resources Unite! went about creating an online directory of all community resources that is 'provider generated' and allows the user to find exactly what they are looking for depending on their specific needs.

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While their directory is a great tool, Resources Unite! quickly learned that it was not “THE” tool. Through a number of meetings with individuals, organizations, companies, and community leaders, it was clear that people wanted to connect and get involved in our community, but didn’t know how to. Now Resources Unite! makes it easy to get involved and give back right here in Dubuque.

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This brought about an entire network of community outreach programs, volunteer opportunities, and fund raising events that led to bettering life right here in the Tri-States. Programs like 100+ Men Who Care make sizable donations to local organizations and groups impacting local lives; over $280,000 so far to be exact. Mentoring programs let volunteers help in a variety of areas and stay in touch with their community. And monetary donations are always needed to continue to provide support to our local area.

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Photo Credit: Resources Unite/100+ Men Who Care

Recently we were able to sit down and discuss Resources Unite! with Josh Jasper, President and CEO. Check out the full interview...

Make your vote for Resources Unite! today with Finnin Kia's: Red, White, and Fuel! Fueling your vehicle and fueling our community with $1,500!

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