In a heartwarming display of collaboration and compassion, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and the Dubuque Regional Humane Society (DRHS) are teaming up to address the needs of feline friends in need. Starting today, February 15th, around 125 cats from DRHS will embark on a journey to various shelters nationwide, marking the first-ever cat transport from the facility.

small cats behind fence
Credit: Zbynek Pospisil

This initiative is a testament to the enduring partnership between ASPCA and DRHS, which dates back to 2017. While previous efforts mainly focused on transporting dogs, the current situation at DRHS, with a higher than usual influx of cats, prompted the organizations to expand their collaboration.

Bri Eickhoff, DRHS Director of Operations, expressed gratitude for ASPCA's willingness to reciprocate the aid DRHS has provided to other shelters over the years. "With our current cat census being significantly higher than usual, we reached out to our trusted partner, and they agreed to come to our aid," Eickhoff stated. This gesture underscores the importance of mutual support within the animal welfare community.

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Noelle Chesney, Executive Director of DRHS, highlighted the positive impact of the transport on both organizations and the animals they serve. "This transport will provide significant relief to our stretched staff and overflowing facilities, as well as allow these cats an opportunity to find a home," Chesney emphasized. The collaboration between ASPCA and DRHS exemplifies the power of working together for the greater good.

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Dubuque Regional Humane Society operates as a non-profit, no-kill shelter and plays a vital role in our community. They provide care and support to over 3,000 animals annually. Through adoption, humane education, and community outreach efforts, DRHS creates pathways to new homes and brighter futures for animals in need.

A Little Cat on the Window
Credit: Ulrick-T

As the cats embark on their journey to find loving fur-ever homes, the partnership between ASPCA and DRHS serves as a beacon to animal lovers, demonstrating the positive impact that collective effort can have on animal welfare.

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