The City of Dubuque's odd/even snow route parking policy will be in effect today (2/10) and tomorrow (2/11). The only streets affected are those identified with snow route signs, which include the times that parking is restricted.

Credit: City Of Dubuque
Credit: City Of Dubuque

Parking will not be allowed on the even-numbered side of the streets today and parking will not be allowed on the odd-numbered side for Saturday. The policy’s parking restrictions will be enforced during the entire posted and declared period, with no allowance for parking prior to the end of the posted time period or after a perceived plow pass. Vehicles violating the restrictions will be ticketed and violators fined $30. This is the case when snowfall is at 3 inches.

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According to the cities website, if snowfall accumulations are in excess of 6 inches, motor graders and plow-equipped wheel loaders may be dispatched to assist with plowing operations. Contingent upon pavement conditions at the time of deployment, these plows will be assigned to one of the heavy plow routes. The current budget provides that all improved streets are to be cleared for vehicular travel within 48 hours of the conclusion of a winter storm.

Credit: Irina Igumnova

Residents who wish to receive an email or text notification when the odd/even snow route policy is implemented can “subscribe” to do so through the “Notify Me” module on the City’s website at Notifications are also posted to the City’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Additionally, the City uses the Alert Iowa emergency notification system to contact residents who have subscribed to these notifications. To add a phone number to the Alert Iowa database, visit  To receive a text notification when the policy is activated, simply text DBQsnow to 67283.

For more information on Dubuque’s snow and ice control practices, visit or call (563)589-4250. For additional information on the enforcement of this ordinance, please contact Support Services in the Dubuque Police Department at (563)589-4422 or email

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